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Traditional tear drop concave nose on a parallel outline combine with a slight roll bottom and a modern rail design makes this board the most popular one on our quiver.

vintage pig

By far my favorite board ever, based of the 70's Velzy pig model with a couple of twists in rail and bottom design for added maneuverability but keeping the same glide and feeling from the past so characteristic of this kind of boards

Modern twin

A delight of surfboard for any surfer, truly a must have in your quiver.


Hand-built Surfboards 

Doing things by hand was always the essence of Dan, the Retro Movement Series brings craftsmanship to its highest. Each surfboard is created from the scratch all away till the finishing by Dan hands where the 20 years of experience and the passion for shaping custom surfboards delivery to you a board of a lifetime.

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The Love of Surfing

"...the love for the waves and the surfing lifestyle of the endless search for the perfect ride was always what pushed me into the shaping and still is today..."
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The Shaping Room

The same way we all wave lovers search for the ultimate ride on "that" wave, at the shaping bay the search is endless for the perfect rocker line, the functional outline, the perfect marriage between the rails and bottom contour, that concave nose to give you the extra nose lift or the panel vee for the smooth transition from rail to rail, with all boards being done the traditional way with premium blanks and hand-shaped entirely by Dan.

Also here the Share it's part of my philosophy so I decided it was time to share my knowledge and in 2017 start with workshops and shaping classes for those who want to know a bit more on the process or the more enthusiastic ones who want to try to do their first surfboard. 

"I wish that when they asked us: What is surfing?

I would have said it's a spiritual activity,

and not just a sport,

because that's what put us on the wrong track..."

NAT YOUNG 1966 World Surfing Champion