It's with great honor that I congratulate our youngest and stylist log rider Nico that was invited to participate on the most prestigious longboard event The Duck Tape Invitational that is taking place from 17 - 20 May in Zarautz. 

Nico will be riding the newest Retro Movement Dan's Noserider II 

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Keep Paddling

One of the biggest gentleman of our surfing community gives a simple but enlightenment message about life

daniel costa
mid length boards

most people have the idea that this boards are mostly for people who doesn't know hot to surf well or those who are learning into surfing... they couldn't be wronger...

Mid lengths can be a lot of fun and you can take it on any condition even if you're going into the Mentawai surf trip or just surfing on your local beach break and you can do it on several different fin configurations: single, two plus one, thruster, bonzer you name it it will still be lots and lots of fun.

@alvarourkiza and @joaobracourt pushing their mid lengths